Pigsty to fish farm…

In the past most of farmer in Bangpong, Ratchaburee includes our family has the agriculture as the major occupation. The pigsty, duck and chicken culture are very popular in last 30 years.

But time to time pigsty is not popular so our grandparent decided to stop their business, the pigsty is the idle for many years.

After the pigsty was shut down, the fish market was opened near our farm but there is not yet the standard fish farm near the market.

We decided to change the idle pigsty to fish farm and aim to reach the standard. We constructed by using modern design concept with beautiful glass strength but still keep the memories of the past. The farm was designed by using the same pole of the pigsty as a pillar in the roof of the farm. Wood Pole, a pillar of strength for more than 70 years.

The design and construction of the pond has been designed carefully. The pond is strong with the high strength of cement. The side mirror can helps to see the movement of fish clearly in every angle and also support top view looks. The filtration system of farming is driven by smart filtration system that is the first in Thailand.

The water lift up treatment system can reduce energy consumption and eliminate clogged pump, easy to maintenance and long lasting

Lifting system works together with AquaMarinebiomedia water filter is the presence of microorganisms with adhesive on the surface of microbes up to 954 Sq.m./C.M. the water after the filtration system will be cleaned. This system can save energy more than 30% every month.

AquaMarine farms have started from breeding PotamotrygonMotoro, Potamotrygon SP, PotamotrygonMenchacai, PotamotrygonLeopoldi and PotamotrygonLeopoldi Hybrid. In addition, the farm has SemaprochilodusInsignis that helps to clean the floor aquarium and pond fish. It’s one of starred fish same as Arowana and can be stingray’s mate who reduce the waste disposal.