Fish will live longer depends on the balance temperature, PH, water and food in appropriate condition. Even the temperature is the uncontrolled factor, but some circumstance can be specified by the owner. For example put the fish box in the room or the building in the winter.

The hardest to control is water

Basically the water component consists of pH value, temperature, nitrate, nitrite and other indication factors. Of course, the water for fish should be clean.

Absolutely, Clean water come from the good circulation in an appropriate time. But in fact only few people able to change the water as their plan. Finally fish is dead from the waste water, this situation discourage the people to stop the fish culture.

AquaMarineBiomedia is the one to solving the problem ....

AquaMarine has the complex surface which is the secrets to treat water in filtration system. The surface is for good microorganism, the microorganisms such as bacteria and naturally occurring, which will trap of waste in the water and safe to fish.

AquaMarine is home of microorganisms that iscontinue roll indefinitely by air pressure. AquaMarinebiomedia always roll in the water not float or sink, they can clean their body by themselves. The collision can clean themselves and also filter out the waste at the same time.       

AquaMarine is the smart filter to solve the complicated of water replacement, it can reduce waste is water and save more time from water replacement. The fish will grow faster, the happiness begins and finally you have more time..

Simple, but...more

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