How to purchase (exclude the fish)

1. Select the interesting product and check the convenience shop here

2. In case you would like to order directly please select the convenience channel as below

  • e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Tel (+66)86-600-2321
  • Submit the requirement here

3. Please add cost of delivery as the following (Domestic rate charge only)

  • Aquamarine Biomedia 1 Litre: 1-3 pieces charge 50 Baht, additional pieces charge 20 baht per piece
  • Aquamarine Biomedia 10 Litres: first piece charge 50 Baht,additional pieces charge 30 baht per piece
  • Aquamarine Biomedia 50 Litres: first piece charge 100 Baht,additional pieces charge 80 baht per piece

Please contact to check the special rate in condition of more than 10 pieces purchased

4. Transfer to Bangkok Bank, Lotus Bangkapi Branch, Saving Account

Account Name: Vasin Rojanakanjananant

Account No. 907-007-9190

5. Waiting for confirmation

6. Product will delivery to your home in 3-5 business days